Hello Sunshine Deodorant
Hello Sunshine Deodorant
Hello Sunshine Deodorant
Hello Sunshine Deodorant
Hello Sunshine Deodorant

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Hello Sunshine Deodorant

1.85 fl oz of love / approx. 60 days of use

3 reviews

For you, our unicorn athletes of Olympic proportions who conquer through hurdles of rainbows and sprint through shooting stars all day long, we’ve designed the new generation of deodorants without alcohol, aluminum nor parabens. In other words, squeaky clean stuff!

The magic is in its powers! It fights against bad odors, regulates perspiration while protecting and taking care of your sweet, sweet skin. Because when life hits the pits, put your pinky rings up to the moon!


Hello Sunshine:  The sweet feel of vacation and sun-kissed skin



Clean ingredients
Clean ingredients
No alcohol. No aluminum. No parabens.
No alcohol. No aluminum. No parabens.
Goes on clear
Goes on clear
cruelty free
Vegan & Cruelty-free

Key Ingredients


Anti-odor agent

Sodium hydroxide

Adjusts your pH levels

List of ingredients:

natural ingredient
synthetic ingredient

Propylene Glycol / Glycerin

Moisturizing agents, selected because they make the skin softer than a baby unicorn

Aqua (Water)

Water works as a solvent, meaning it is used to dilute the formula (and as your tree hugger of an uncle would say: "Water is life!")

Sodium Stearate

Emulsifier: helps keep the aqueous and oily phases together for a homogeneous texture

Parfum (Fragrance) / Hexyl Cinnamal / Benzyl Salicylate / Linalool / Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone / Hydroxycitronellal / Geraniol / Citronellol

This is our Hello Sunshine scent. Its ingredients have been selected by our Noses to bring out a sweet, sunny fragrance, with notes of vanilla and exotic fruit.


It has a double function in your product: as an antibacterial, it helps to fight against bad smells. Gentle and pleasant preservative: it prevents your product from deteriorating too soon

Sodium Hydroxide

Odour neutralizer, it helps to fight against bad smells and adjusts the pH of our deodorant (like in the classes of Mr Albert, your chemistry teacher)

Stearic Acid

Emollient, makes the texture more pleasant to the touch for a magical feeling


Also known as vitamin E, it protects the skin against external aggression by keeping it supple and hydrated
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Donna W.
United States United States
Candy Ice

It haven't used yet, but got all three because Flower Power.

Selina S.
Canada Canada
It smells nice but does

It smells nice but does not work as a deodorant at all.

Cynthia B.
United States United States

Its simply awesome I feel dry the whole day and there's no residue or accumulations on my armpits I love it


body care

Hello Sunshine Deodorant