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Hello Sunshine Dry Shampoo
Hello Sunshine Dry Shampoo

hair care

Hello Sunshine Dry Shampoo

3.3 fl oz of love


Do you have a gold medal for running late every morning? We got to the root of the problem and your hair will no longer betray your rockstar lifestyle!
This invisible dry shampoo spray absorbs sebum and restores volume, strength, and light-speed shine.
Light, sweet, and delicately scented with love...for the mane of your dreams!

☀️ Hello Sunshine: The sweet feel of vacation and sun-kissed hair


Goes on clear
Scent extracted from the purest rainbows
Travel size

How to use

Shake the dry shampoo bottle as if you were preparing your favorite cocktail with a shaker.

Spray the roots of your hair while holding the bottle 6 inches away from your unicorn mane. Improvise a coreography for the next 2 minutes, then brush your hair to diffuse the powder.

Feel free to snif and inhale its incredible scent before taking over the world with your new mane.

Our magic ingredients

Rice starch (synthetic):
absorbs sebum
Vitamin B5 (synthetic):
gives volume to your unicorn mane
All ingredients

hair care

Hello Sunshine Dry Shampoo